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Featured Fan site of the month:

Stay True Be You
Owner: Breanna
Why Breanna love Chelsea: I love Chelsea because she is a such a down to earth person and she can sing like no other she is beautiful and I know she will make it far in her career!
Favorite Chelsea song: That's Me
How you first found out about Chelsea: Found Her one another Singers Page took a listen and LOVE HER MUSIC it was like Love Her Music at First Listen haah =]!
Cool fact about your page: Umm I guess my pictures I edit ha =]!
What is your goal for your fan page: To believe in her and support her in ever step she takes and show the people out there how good CHELSEA MUSICK really is!

Active Street Teams

Chelsea Musick Fanatics [Team Washington State]
Run by Dana and Amanda, Favorite Songs are Here's To You & Break Free

Chelsea Crazed
Owner: Chenoa
Why Chenoa loves Chelsea: I love chels because shes talented and beautiful!
Favorite song by Chelsea: I lovveeeelovelove Keep Your Pants On!!!
How you first found out about Chelsea: I found out about chels from people on Myspace
What is your goal for your fan page: my goal is to make people all around the world aware of Chelsea and her music!

Official Chelsea Musick MN Street Team
Run by Paulina, Favorite song is Keep Your Pants On

Stay True Be You
Run by Breanna, Favorite song is That's Me

Melissa's Chelsea Musick Street Team
Run by Melissa, Favorite song is Keep Your Pants On

Crazy For Chelsea [Team New Brunswick]
Run by Julie, Favorite song is umm.. i looovvveee all her songs but if I had to chose a fave, it'd be Romeo and I Wish You Were Here!

Chelsea Musick Love & Support ♥
Run by Lexy

Official Chelsea Musick Nebraska Street Team

Chelsea Musick New Jersey Street Team
Run by Catherine, Favorite song is Break Free

Chelsea Musick MN ST
Run by Niki

Chelsea Musick PA Street Team
Run by Derrik, Favorite songs are Standing Tall and Here's To You