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Welcome to one of Everything's newest addition!!!
"Polls" is a page full of Chelsea Musick Polls!
Anything you want in a poll? Let us know and we will feature it in our next poll! A new poll will be up every two weeks! Check back every other Tuesday for a new poll :-)
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Which is your favorite outfit? polls
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What Should Chelsea Musick's 1st Radio Single Be?

Keep Your Pants On
Break Free
I Might
What About Me

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Which Song So Far?

Out of the 4 new clips of songs from Chelsea's new CD, Which one is your favorite so far?

Which Is Your Favorite New Song by Chelsea?
Break Free
Keep Your Pants On
What About Me
Without Your Goodbye

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Chelsea Musick's Debut CD: What are you most looking forward to?

What are you most looking forward to in Chelsea's debut CD?
Hearing the songs Chelsea has written
Hearing how Chelsea's voice has developed
Singing along to the songs :)
Introducing Chelsea's musick to my friends

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Who Should Chelsea sing a Duet with?

Who would you like to see Chelsea sing a Duet with?
Carrie Underwood
Garth Brooks
Taylor Swift
Dolly Parton
Kelli Pickler

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