Why We Love Chelsea

This section is where Fans can share their stroies of how Chelsea has impacted them, why she stands out to them, and or stories of when they met Chelsea.
**If you have a story and would like it to be included on this page message us on MySpace.com/ChelseaMusickFanatics**

By Scott

Chelsea has impacted my life because she is a sweet girl who has a beautiful voice and she is so sweet.
She stands out because she is loyal to the Military and to her friends. And she is living her dream which everyone should try to accomplish.
She is (s)uch a great friend, She always thanks me when I compliment her and she always talks to her friends and fans in her chat box every Wednesday and Sunday.
She is so cool!

By Jeremy

Hi I'm Jeremy Watson and am 16 years old. There's really only one way to describe Chelsea Musick and that is "Amazing, sensational, sweet, kind, spectacular, talented, destined for stardum, beautiful, fantastic,....well you get the picture. I first met Chelsea through her myspace I forget how I happened to find it and was just curious to see who this talent was. Well I soon found out she was more than ur average country singer. It amazed me and made me feel so special that she would take the time to talk to and get to know me and all her fans. Now I'm proud to call her one of my closest friends and I will support her until the day I die! Soon after meeting her I could tell she was something special and I still believe in what I told her then, someday, somehow, she will be on stage performing at the Grand Ole Opry. Chelsea if you read this we all love you and god bless you each and every day!